Experimentation is extremely necessary for brands, and the most experimental area for brands is website design. Updating and upgrading and taking it up a notch is the way of surviving the cutthroat competitive world. Thus, here are the 10 awesome website design ideas that you should experiment with in 2023 for your brand:

1.) Full-page headers

Full page header like that of the website of Starbucks could work in their favor. If coffee lovers are shown a picture of coffee when they need it the most, there is an 87% chance that they will order it right away. Similarly, when a person comes across a website with no useless information and a point header page, they are most likely to convert into a potential customer because they will meet with what they exactly want without getting confused.

2.) Thumb-friendly design

When you consult the website design company, they suggest you make the website with a thumb-friendly design because most people open their websites on phones. When people cannot navigate through the website smoothly, they leave it for the time being or altogether. Now, if the website has what they need, they will open it on a laptop, desktop, or even a tablet; or else they’ll abandon the website, and its bounce rate will increase.

Also, most people scroll through websites while traveling by metro, bus, or taxi. Thus, they need a website with a better loading speed and a thumb-friendly design. If not, they will not get converted into potential customers.

3.) Horizontal scrolling

There are not many websites with horizontal scrolling, and it might be a little tougher to get used to it because most people are used to vertically scrolling. But few beautiful websites are designed horizontally and are successful amongst people. One such website is Kwok YikMak. He is a graphic designer, and his website is a beautiful one-page horizontal website. Thus, one might take time to get used to the flat website, but it shows how the brand has put efforts into creating an online reputation.

4.) Customized Illustrations

Illustrations are the new cool. The illustration companies prefer customized illustrations as opposed to perfect geometrical designs. It gives the brand as much freedom as possible to be creative. One of the best examples is Nomadic Tribe, created by a company called Make Me Pulse for storytelling purposes. It is one of the rarest illustrations. While it might not be the website, this kind of art can be incorporated into the website to make it attractive and take it up a notch.

5.) White Space

White space isn’t necessarily white. As long as the area has no content and the background has white or any other lighter color, it makes it look spacious. It is essential to have white space on the website to give it a neat look. Many websites opt for white space so that people aren’t confused, and the website gets room to breathe. It also helps the colors come alive. The content that the brand wishes to show will be seen, and the message will be passed on in a bright light.

6.) Minimalistic Design

More than 80% of website designers agree that websites shouldn’t be crowded with information because that will only increase bounce rates. When the user is bombarded with too much information, he gets confused and leaves the website.

Minimalistic design gives a classy look to the website and will positively affect the decision-making power of the buyer. Minimalism is not simply a web design trend, but one hell of a psychological trick brands try on their customers with smartness. Such designs include simple fonts, bare minimal colors, and simple logos, which make aesthetics look rich.

7.) Story of the brand

Every brand has a story that not everyone chooses to tell. But people forget that when users/buyers attach to the brand emotionally, they won’t leave the brand that easily. It is not the products they are associated with but the purpose, mission, vision, goals, etc. They are attracted to the honesty and transparency of the brand. Thus, the brands must tell their story to the people for them to associate with them.

8.) Muted Colors

When the brands do not want to opt for bright neon or even simple colors, they opt for muted colors. Muted colors are the ones that saturate the background highlighting the main content. The bright, vibrant colors don’t appeal to the user as muted colors do; they look like a blast from the past, which no one likes to encounter. It increases the bounce rate. The air around the flat, muted color feels lighter, thereby increasing the value of the content. Muted colors are used on every page of the website.

9.) Feedback

Websites need to put up the feedback of their customers and clients, which will also boost the SEO of the website. The top SEO companies of the world suggest putting feedback and reviews on their website, or even better, creating a separate page for people to look at. Why Google has a separate section for reviews? So that people can see how others feel about their brands and whether the brand is worth trusting. Adding reviews increases the credibility of the brand for customers as well as search engine pages. Thus, this is a trend that must be followed.

10.) Collaborations

Collaborations have become standard for the brands but collaborating in different genres is the latest trend. Everyone is familiar with Zomato and BlinkIt wordplay banter trend, which has become a social media sensation. Similarly, everyone knows the collaboration between Marvel Cinematic Universe and the One Plus Smartphone. And one more collaboration is Samsung Flip and BTS. These have attracted users to websites, and apps like moths are attracted to flames. Thus, opt for collaborations and be in people’s eyes for longer than expected.

Wrapping Up:

The year 2023 has just started but if your brand will not follow these above–mentioned trends, you will be thrown out of the market. Website is essential to maintain the brand, especially if it is a startup or even an established one. Making constant changes to it is like adding salt to the dish. Its presence might not be explicitly felt, but its absence ruins everything. Don’t let your brand run out of salt, and keep adding it as per the recipe’s requirements.

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